SCI Research Collaborations Project

Spinal Cord Injury (SCI) Research Collaborations Project: 
Closing the gaps in the research continuum
Supported by The Ian Potter Foundation and IOOF Foundation
People with SCI are a marginalised group. They face numerous secondary health complications which hinder their capacity to lead full and active lives. There is currently a 7-12 year gap between a SCI research study and the translation of its outcomes into practice. Through the SCI Research Collaborations Project, the SRI aims to overcome barriers to research collaboration so that spinal injury experts from around the world can work together to obtain statistically valid outcomes faster, for the benefit of millions of people with SCI. 
This project will promote collaboration through several mechanisms including the innovative online collaboration platform, Spinal Cord Research Hub (SCoRH), SCI Collaboration Workshops and Travel Grants to name but a few. The SRI recognises the importance of building a culture of trust, openness and shared vision in the SCI research community. Such a culture will 'fast-track' research, so that SCI discoveries can be made more quickly, for the benefit of those living with SCI. 
About SCoRH
SCoRH is a world-first SCI focused online platform where SCI researchers, consumers, clinicians and funders can collaborate. The primary purpose is to provide opportunities for early career and established researchers to build networks and develop necessary steps towards global multi-centre studies.
Due for completion in early 2018, SCoRH will provide a one-stop shop of up-to-date information and supportive material for all groups in SCI research. This important online platform is in development with the globally renowned eResearch team from the University of Melbourne. 
The SRI will be presenting SCI Clinical Research Engagement Workshop: Developing an Active Research Network at the ISCoS Annual Scientific Meeting in Dublin, Ireland in October 2017.  
SRI is a part sponsor of this workshop with the Rick Hansen Institute (RHI), Ontario Neurotrauma Foundation (ONF) and European Multicentre Study about SCI (EMSCI).
Throughout the year travel grants become available. To receive notification about grant opportunities, please subscribe to our enewsletter.
The 2017 SCI International Collaboration Travel Grant to support a early career researcher was awarded to Kazi Imdadul Hoque.
Please contact us if you would like to know more about the SCI Researchers' Hub. 


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Spinal Research Institute (SRI) is a not-for-profit spinal cord research charity. Our mission is to support world class clinical research and clinical trials. We provide means for Australian and international spinal cord injury (SCI) researchers to build much needed collaboration and to translate research outcomes into life changing health solutions for people living with SCI.

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