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I know the huge difference the right research can make to people’s well-being and quality of life

- Assoc Prof. Doug Brown.

Fostering international research collaboration

A key SRI focus is Closing the Gaps: International Spinal Cord Research Collaborations Project. This initiative, supported by an Ian Potter Foundation grant, is about overcoming barriers to research collaboration so that spinal injury experts from around the world can work together to obtain statistically valid outcomes faster, for the benefit of millions of people with spinal cord injury (SCI). 
Although SCI is one of the most expensive and complex diseases, researchers only have a small pool of potential participants for any study, due to the low SCI case numbers in any one location. To achieve significant and translatable outcomes in SCI research, international multi-centre studies are needed. 
Through the online Researchers' Hub, and other mechanisms, the Closing the Gaps project will enable SCI researchers from around the world to forge links and develop international multi-centre trial collaborations, the key to life-changing, translatable research outcomes for people living with SCI.

Research network

We know that SCI research can dramatically improve the health and wellbeing of people living with the consequences of spinal cord damage. With research comes life-changing discoveries, greater understanding of causes and complications, and the development of novel treatment options. Through research forums and its website, the SRI supports a network of SCI research projects. We also raise awareness about SCI and the importance of SCI reseearch, which helps researchers attact funding support and trial participants. For more information about some of the fantastic SCI research currently being done, see our Research Network page.


The SRI hold SCI Research Forums and other events that showcase the diverse and pioneering research being undertaken in the SCI field. These events brings together researchers from around Australia (and sometimes internationally), clinicians, funding managers, policy makers, members of the SCI community and carers to promote dialogue, networking and collaboration in SCI research.

Trials seeking participants

The SRI is a gateway for the SCI community to participate in clinical trials.  We have a centralised list, coordinated in conjunction with the Victorian Spinal Cord Service (VSCS), of current SCI research projects seeking participants.  

For general information about participating in research, contact the Victorian Spinal Cord Service.


Our Mission

Spinal Research Institute (SRI) is a not-for-profit spinal cord research charity. Our mission is to support world class clinical research and clinical trials. We provide means for Australian and international spinal cord injury (SCI) researchers to build much needed collaboration and to translate research outcomes into life changing health solutions for people living with SCI.

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